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Promotional Materials

Log Line: A young woman is haunted by a terrifying visitor from her childhood.

Official Trailer

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24x36 Movie Poster

For film festivals, screenings and other events.
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Promotional Stills

Actors listed left to right. Cinematographer Derek Mindler.

Stick Doll - Under the Bridge

Leila Cohen, Leanne Parks, Chloe Joelle Hally, Ta'j, Mark Joseph Farrell

Stick Doll - Sofia Slowly Opens the Door
Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 3.22.20 PM.png

Shooting Script

For film festivals.

Written by Sara McDermott Jain 
Draft by Joe Ronca

Marjorie Cabrera

Stick Doll - What's Happening to Jimmy?

Leanne Parks, Leila Cohen, Chloe Joelle Hally, Ta'j

Stick Doll - Sofia is Tired of the Lies

Marjorie Cabrera

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